Capabunga - Champagne Stopper

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Champagne Stopper

Now CapaBunga ® is available for Champagne and Sparkling Wine (CapaBubbles ®). Turn your Champagne and Sparkling wine bottles into screwcaps and keep the bubbles fresh for up to a week. CapaBubbles® is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of sparkling wine once it is opened. An adaptation of the original CapaBunga® it transforms a bottle of sparkling wine into a screw cap bottle. The cap has a threaded insert that once unscrewed from the base clips under the flange of the sparkling wine bottle, the cap is then twisted down on top of this piece preserving the bubbles in your Champagne or Sparkling wine for up to one week. Champagne is not just for special occasions any more!